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I'm actually getting some time free for art again. I'm stuck at my parents' house for the semester because my mother insists. I don't blame her, but this won't be fun.

But more importantly, the point of this journal is that I am moving accounts. I've had a lot of great times with this account, but it's time for me to move. I should have some nice stuff up on the new one soon. I will not post it here; please drop me a note (or contact me on Skype, if you have my account) if you want it. I can't guarantee that I'll give it to you - I probably will, but I can't make any guarantees. Why?

I was informed last night that apparently, I've had a couple of stalkers for the past three years. Ex-friends who apparently can't let the fuck go.

And I'd like to take this moment to send a message to them: you know who you are.

I feel sorry for you. I really do. You need a hobby or something if you have nothing better to do than spy on an ex-friend for three years. I especially love how your stories have changed from me just not being a great friend (which I admit, I was guilty of at the time, but I was TRYING and I know many people who can vouch for the fact that I've gotten better...but that probably wouldn't mean anything to you, because you apparently think that's impossible) to me going out of my way to hurt you. By the time I disliked you enough to be willing to do that, I didn't see you as being worth my time. The attention whoring in one case, and absurd claims of theft in another (newsflash: if I share a tip with you, and you use it, and I then share that tip publicly without mentioning you or your use, I am not making a reference to you or your character, thanks) really just kinda emptied out my box of fucks to give.

But apparently you still care enough to stalk me. Why? Because you haven't gotten over me? Because you want to protect people from my EVOLLL? That would be kinda ironic, because in doing this, you've become the criminals. Stalking is a crime. By no standards is spying on me, AFTER I have blocked every account of yours that I know, okay.

I'm serious, get a hobby. Don't waste your lives doing this. I may be out of fucks to give you as potential friends, but I still give a shit about you as people, and worrying regularly about what people you friend-broke up with three years ago are doing is unhealthy.

Let me give you a little critique, from what I noticed in the early months since our falling out: You have a giant V for Victim plastered on your foreheads. I feel like you could be driving down the street, run someone down in the crosswalk, and find a way to convince yourselves that you were the victims. You're terrified of everyone, because you think everyone is bad and icky, when in fact you're just incapable of accepting that they're not perfect and may have boundaries, interests, or discomforts that may not coincide with yours. For instance, I distinctly recall one of you claiming to feel victimized when I expressed discomfort with a conversation that was going on. It was my personal comfort zone. You could have continued it with your other friend without me. But instead you chose to use it as a reason why I suck. This isn't a healthy way to live, and it doesn't breed healthy relationships.

You also don't communicate well. You hid from me what you perceived me as doing deliberately to hurt you until you were near the breaking point. This is also not healthy. TALK to people when they do something that makes you uncomfortable! Let the air be cleared when there's a mix-up! Especially when it's just over text - "..." doesn't have a lot of impact as a prompt.

I'm going to say right now, I'm not making this move because you scare me. You don't have the capability to hurt me. I have nothing to be afraid of. I'm making this move because I would like to move on in peace, and because I would honestly, really, just like you to move on as well. It's been three years. If you won't let go, then I'm fine with taking action myself. Goodbye.

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Skadi123 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
Hello! Sorry for annoying you but since you are watching my old account, I thought I would let you know that I have moved to :iconlordessskadi:
EXHellfire Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're amazing, thanks for the tuts on character creation, not only there was some stuff I didn't know, but they even inspired me to go on writing stories n.n
Fullmetal-Phantom Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, thank you! o_o Your comment just made my day. :heart:
EXHellfire Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha no problem, but if it ain't much trouble, would you give me an opinion on my own deviations? :)
sheorun Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student General Artist
thanks for faving!! :hug:
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